Bring the family for some fun in the sun! Our pony rides are hand-led rides on our horses! Not sure if you are ready to do the wooded trail ride or have a kiddo under the age of 8? Not wanting the same old tiny circle pony rides? We can make our hand-led rides suit your needs – just ask and we’ll try our best to make your time here enjoyable.

Remember, you are NEVER to old for a pony ride! We use horses rather than mini ponies for our “pony rides” so we can accommodate all ages and sizes.

The Pony Ride

$5 —-A shorter hand-led ride, this is for the youngest cowpoke that is not quite ready for the woods but we’ll be sure to make him/her feel like a real Wrangler!

This takes about a 5 minutes with a stop for pictures.

The Cabin Ride

$20 —-A hand-led ride on a wider trail through the woods to the back cabin, so beginner riders have a real trail riding experience! We travel to the cabin by our pond and back, so the view is beautiful and the ride is exciting for all ages with a stop for a group photo! This ride takes about 15-20 minutes. This is a great way for all ages to try trail riding. Children can be hand-led and adults can ride and steer their own horses so the whole family can go together!

We recommend that children are at least 4 years old and will hold on tight to the saddle while being hand-led by one of the trail guides, so parents don’t have to walk beside them and can ride their own horse! Sometimes younger children need added support. If you’d like to walk next to and support your child, or just take a walk with us, we suggest wearing your farm shoes!

Don’t forget to bring your camera !

Parents/Guardians have the option to walk along with their child on the trail, OR they can rent a horse of their own to ride along side their little cowboy or cowgirl. The cost is the same for both adults and children on our pony rides. Parents/Guardians ride on their own without the assistance of being hand-led.

You’re welcome to bring apples, long carrots, or pears if you’d like to let your children feed the horses some tasty treats.

Our Wranglers work for Tips and our Horses work for Treats!