What else is there to do?2022-02-16T13:58:14-05:00

We have a free playground and petting zoo! The playground has a metal bull to ride, and some photo props. We even have a jail house! Feel free to bring some apples or carrots for the animals or get some free treats in the office. We have a covered pavilion with picnic tables for parties but if not in use, makes a nice shady place to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. We have a tack shop with lots of saddles and riding equipment as well as souvenirs and T-Shirts!

When is the best time of day to ride?2022-02-16T13:57:58-05:00

We suggest the 9:30am ride. It is usually the nicest due to smaller groups and cooler weather.  (Especially in July or August!)

How many Riders are on a trail ride at a time?2023-04-08T17:13:30-04:00

We usually have 16-24 horses available. We try to keep the number of riders on a ride small and personable if we are able,  but in the summer months and most weekends we do get pretty busy.

We offer a “Private Ride” at an additional cost, for special occasions or if you prefer to ride with just your group.  (Subject to availability.)

Can we bring water on the ride?2022-02-16T13:56:56-05:00

Yes, a cool drink is nice to have on the longer rides! We do have some Saddle Horn Bags available for carrying water bottles, phones and other small items, so things don’t fall out of your pants pockets.  (We are not responsible for lost/stolen items).

How big is the parking lot?2022-02-16T13:56:40-05:00

About 1/2 acre – so we have a lot of room for all sizes of trucks, trailers, buses, and RV’s.

How many Horses do you have?2022-02-16T13:56:28-05:00

We have 16-24 “in-line” horses. Numbers vary, so please book your ride in advance so that we may accommodate your group as needed.

Is riding double permitted?2022-02-16T13:56:14-05:00

For safety reasons we do not allow multiple riders on our horses.

(Please note this does not apply to Riders who bring their own Horses).

What if it rains?2022-02-16T13:55:52-05:00

We have been caught in the rain many times but if you don’t want to chance it – we are more than happy to reschedule.

(We do not ride during severe weather – this includes, but may not be limited to thunder, lightning, heavy rain, high winds, etc. for safety reasons).

Should we tip the Wrangler/Guide? Can we bring something for the horses?2022-02-16T13:55:30-05:00

Trail Guides work for tips, and horses work for treats! If you enjoyed your ride… Please tip your guides accordingly.  Horses love apples and long carrots!

What should I wear?2022-02-16T13:55:04-05:00

Jeans and closed toed shoes (such as tennis shoes or boots) are recommended but not required.

Do you have helmets?2022-02-16T13:54:50-05:00

We have helmets available in many sizes for your use, free of charge. Children under 16 are required to wear a helmet on the trail rides.

Are there any riding restrictions?2023-04-08T16:35:44-04:00

Young riders must be a least 8 years old plus 44inches tall and at least 60lbs to ride the 45 and 90 minute trail rides on their own horse.

Hand Led Pony Rides and Cabin Rides are available for all ages. http://whisperingwoodstrails.com//pony-rides/

To insure the safety of our riders and our horses we do have weight restrictions for adults. Our horses are able to carry riders up to 240lbs.

Is a deposit required for reservations?2023-04-08T16:40:58-04:00

We do require a 25% deposit, which can be seen when you BOOK NOW on the home page.

We give 100% refund due to weather cancellations, or if you need to cancel 24 hours in advance of your ride time.

We please ask that if you need to cancel for any reason that you give us a courtesy call at 502-570-9663.

Should I make a reservation?2023-04-08T17:08:20-04:00

Yes! On the home page click “BOOK NOW” to reserve your trail ride date and time so that the horses will be available and waiting on you for your ride time.

We do take walk-ins but cannot guarantee we will have horses available. They may all be reserved in advance.

When are you open?2023-04-08T16:29:55-04:00

Whispering Woods Riding Stables is open 7 days a week, weather permitting, from Mid-March to Mid-November each year!

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