Merit Badges for Boy and Girl Scouts:

Girl Scout Merit Badges can be earned in a couple of hours, but making a day of it is fun too! Do so learning and riding, but then grill out for lunch or meet the animals in the petting zoo! Cost per Rider (including adults and siblings); $40 each for 45 minute Trail Ride / $65 for 1 1/2 hour Trail Ride . Girl Scout rides include a 45 minute learning session for Badge requirements!

To earn a Merit Badge, we require a minimum of 4 Scouts for the session.

Boy Scouts -The cost is $60 per Scout. To learn the badge requirements learning sessions last approximately 4 hours and include a 45 minute ride for each scout. (Parents and siblings can reserve a regular trail ride to join the fun!)

Care of Horses

(Basic info such as what they Eat, Farrier/Vet info, Etc.)

  • Basic Rules of the Barn and Pasture
  • Identifying Horse Body Parts and Markings
  • How to Properly Groom the Horse
  • The Correct Procedure to “Tacking-up” the Horse / Bridling and Saddling the Horse
  • Safely Mounting and Dismounting
  • Controlling the Horse (both on the ground and while riding)
  • Maintaining your Balance while Riding
  • Exercise & the Reasons for Safe Trail Etiquette ( Ride, Ride, Ride)
  • And much more depending on the badge you need.

Parents must fill out a Liability release form for each Scout.